The Emirates: the crossroads between modernity and history

The current Emirates highlight particularities linked to the modern touch. They maintain their habits and customs while taking into account their original foundations. The evolution of the Emirates may vary according to civilizations. Each area has been developed in accordance with the rules of the Emirates.

What are the particularities of the Emirates?

The peculiarity of the Emirates never ceases to amaze travellers from all over the world. They are mainly formed by a Muslim society. They are known for their customs and traditionalism. With the advance of the modern world, the local population has decided to maintain the customs by bringing a certain retouch. They are marked by the way they dress. If you wish to travel in these areas, it is strongly recommended to choose a suitable outfit to avoid rejection in the streets and establishments. Shoulders and knees should be covered to show your personality. Wearing unsuitable clothing can be offensive. One part has been very modernised and can accommodate travellers from all continents.

Why not indulge in a visit to the Emirates?

The Emirates have become very modern in just 3 decades. These modernization efforts have made it possible to open up the area to tourism. It is one of the oldest parts of the world. The touches of modernization have given a boost to certain sectors of activity. To travel in the Emirates, you must take into account the formalities to avoid the unexpected. You need to find out about the weather conditions to have a good time. Even if the area is mainly considered as economical, you will be able to discover very attractive places. You will therefore be lucky to visit places that are dotted with culture.

Modernity and UAE history at crossroads

On a global scale, the Emirates are highly valued for economic issues. However, several areas have been redeveloped to ensure the tourist side of the area. Above all, they have opted for the globalization of trade. When visiting the territories of the UAE, there are certain points you must respect. If you plan to visit mosques, it is advisable to use a guide to avoid unpleasant gestures. You will have the opportunity to see historical places and discover native habitats. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new world where the rules are quite different from other civilizations. The integration of the Emirates in tourism brings positive effects for the world. Travellers will be able to learn about the origins and traditions of local people. It would even be possible to visit the ruined temples in some parts. However, the touch of modernity can guarantee you a visit out of the ordinary in the Emirates.

Enjoying traditional activities during a stay in Dubai

The infrastructure and the luxury it exudes amaze tourists visiting Dubai. This city of fantasy is an attractive destination mixing modernity and tradition. During a tour in Dubai, you will be surprised by the many contradictions of this magnificent destination. Holidaymakers will be fascinated by its many facets. This place is rooted in tradition while being modern at the same time. Its luxurious and authentic character, cosmopolitan while retaining the Arabic culture makes Dubai a surprising place. To appreciate the great diversity of the city, it is recommended to start your stay without preconceived ideas. While strolling through the many districts such as Deira and Bur Dubai, globetrotters will be delighted to admire this crossroads of Asia and the West. Tradition lovers will be able to shop in the souks or borrow an abra, a traditional shuttle boat. In the evening, schedule a dinner cruise aboard an authentic dhow. This activity closes a day rich in emotions, encounters and colorful.

Travel to Dubai and enjoy the modernity of the city

Dubai has managed to grow thanks to the exploitation of oil. This city in the United Arab Emirates has experienced very rapid urban and tourist development since the 1990s. It is home to some gems of modern architecture. Between The Palm, The World, Dubai Mall, its artificial islands, without forgetting the upmarket districts of the Marina, the city surprises by its disproportionate infrastructures. Its particularity is that it is one of the highest in the world. Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa are among the 200 buildings that have surpassed 200 m in height. The Tower is a 1 km high tower. To appreciate the beauty of the city, go to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa to overlook the spectacular scenery of the skyscraper observatory. To enjoy a memorable ride, rent a helicopter to fly over the city. Tourists who want to enjoy luxury and modernity can book a room or suite at the Burj al-Arab. This seven-star hotel is the most luxurious hotel in the world.
Dubai: the city of luxury
Travelling: an essential step to discover the world

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