The struggle for women’s rights in Iran

In Iran, the rights of women have been significantly restricted as compared to the majority of those in developed nations. In fact, according to the Global Gender gap Report by the World Economic Forum, when it comes to gender parity,…

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Where to find an English teacher in the Emirates?

Finding your English teacher in the Emirates is a complex task. In fact, there are many vacancies for English teachers in the Emirates. This explains the lack of teachers in this country on the Arabian Peninsula. However, there are some…

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What exams should be taken to be qualified in English?

Nowadays, the knowledge of English is an important element in your studies as well as in your professional life. Since most universities around the world teach in English, you should be proficient in the language of Shakespeare before you go…

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How to learn English easily?

To stay or study in an English speaking country is a great opportunity. However, to ensure good communication, it is important to learn English, which is an international language. There are several ways to master this language. It should be…

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What are the particularities of the educational system of the Emirates?

The education system in Dubai is the same as in the United Arab Emirates. There are both public and private schools that educate Emiratis and other emigrants. The schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education. The generality about the…

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What languages are spoken in the Arab world?

Long time before the War of Conquests, Arabic speakers existed in many different types and it is difficult to list them all since each country has its own language. Despite this pluralism, the two forms of ancient Arabic, vernacular and…

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