Study in the UAE

The Emirates: the crossroads between modernity and history

The current Emirates highlight particularities linked to the modern touch. They maintain their habits and customs while taking into account their original foundations. The evolution of the Emirates may vary according to civilizations. Each area has been developed in accordance…

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Dubai: the city of luxury

Being a city of unprecedented luxury, Dubai ranks first in the United Arab Emirates. With the few renowned cities that make it up, it is proving to be luxurious and is becoming one of the special points for tourism. Here…

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Travelling: an essential step to discover the world

There is a way to discover yourself and the world. It is by travelling that you can experience this. Go on new adventures and discover the world. Travelling is more beneficial than staying at home First of all, it’s about…

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Which countries make up the UAE?

The Emirates in abbreviation UAE or Emirate is a federal state that was created in 1971. This federal state is located in the Middle East in the middle of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It is therefore…

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