The Arab Emirates are among the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It is an Asian country composed of seven emirates, each with its own history, civilization and culture. This country is full of wonders that are recognized around the world and if you are thinking of taking a little trip, this article will give you an overview of the different monuments in the emirates. Indeed, you will be able to choose between skyscrapers, palaces and other monuments.


The highest skyscraper in the world is in Dubai with a height of 800 meters. It is the Burj Khalifa, which was inaugurated in 2010. If you pass through Dubai, you will undoubtedly notice this imposing monument. Moreover, Dubai has been promoted as a symbol of the renaissance because of its cultural diversity. Many companies have been involved in the construction of this monument and there are more than two million visitors every year. However, you will be advised to book your place in advance if you want to visit it on your short trip to Dubai.


A visit to the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque in Abu Dhabi is sure to please lovers of architecture. Moreover, it was built with the most beautiful materials in the world, namely marble, stone and ceramics. Gold and precious stones also adorn this monument. In Ajman, you can appreciate its historical heritage by visiting its museum. It is a fort that was once used to defend the emirate and was later turned into a museum. Many antiques are stored there. You will discover the vestiges of the past through the tools, industries and social life of the people by visiting this unique place.

Other monuments

Abu Dhabi has the world's largest hospital in its territory: Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. Opened in 1999, this facility specifically welcomes domestic and stray animals, especially falcons. It is also equipped with a veterinary laboratory and a pet centre. Dubai's metro is also a landmark in human history and is well worth a look if you don't want to take it. Indeed, it is a metro that connects 166 kilometres and is the first metro to operate without a driver. In fact, the metro is proving to be the city's most popular means of transportation because it is both fast and economical. Each emirate making up the Arab Emirates can provide you with your own destination if you decide to visit them. In addition, you can take advantage of a tour package that allows you to visit the monuments in the emirates in turn and at a lower cost.

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

During a stay in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), tourists can marvel at the Great Mosque Sheikh Zayed. This religious building is one of the must-see visits during a stopover in Abu Dhabi. This city is the largest emirate of the 7 member states of the UAE. Nicknamed the Father of the Gazelle, the municipality represents 87% of the territory with a total surface area of 68,700 km². The mosque was built on the initiative of the founding father of the UAE between 1996 and 2007. The creator of the building died in 2004. He did not see the end of the building sites. His body lies inside the building. The mosque built in his honor represents the lasting national symbol. When entering the building, one must wear sunglasses because of the dazzling decoration. Outside the mosque, the blue sky enhances the whiteness of the walls. Visitors to the building are required to adhere to dress codes. To do so, it is possible to borrow a suitable outfit from the laundromat. The latter is located near the underground parking lot. The mosque is the only one in the country that is accessible to non-Muslims. To visit it, women must cover their heads and wear an abaya. As for men in shorts, they must wear a gandoura.

Visit Burj Khalifa during a stopover in Dubai

Burj Khalifa is an impressive skyscraper that holds the highest human structure in May 2008. On January 17, 2009, the Khalifa Tower reached a height of 828 m. This major urban planning, architectural and real estate project covers a total area of 2 km² distributed over 163 floors. This construction has 57 elevators, 1044 apartments, 304 rooms and 2 basements. The construction creates Downtown Burj Khalifa, a new district located slightly south of the historic centre of Dubai. In addition to the huge skyscraper, the neighbourhood includes an artificial lake and several large buildings. On the artificial lake, one can admire a projection of water up to 152.4 m high. The Dubai Fountain is manufactured by the American company that made the famous Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. This structure consists of 25 coloured projectors and 6,600 lights. It is 275 m long. The value of the project is approximately 218 million dollars. It was officially inaugurated on May 8, 2009.