What are the particularities of the educational system of the Emirates?

Published on : 04 May 20204 min reading time

The education system in Dubai is the same as in the United Arab Emirates. There are both public and private schools that educate Emiratis and other emigrants. The schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education.
The generality about the educational system in the UAE

A Knowledge and Human Development Authority was developed in 2006 for the development of education and human resources in Dubai and licensing of schools. Dubai involves four levels of the education system which means that their basic education is 14 years. Kindergarten education in Dubai starts from the age of 4 years and ends in secondary education in 18 years. Education is compulsory for all boys and girls up to secondary education and schools are not the adoption of the coeducational system. The education system in Dubai is also known as the four-third education system as it consists of fourteen years of university studies from kindergarten to secondary school. The education systems in Dubai include several levels of secondary education and primary college.

The education system in certain categories

The education system in Dubai breaks down into the following categories. Kindergarten which started at the age of 4 to 5 years old. Primary education which started at the age of 6 and finished at the age of 12. It consists of 6 years of study. Preparatory education begins at the age of 12 and ends at the age of 15. In this time, students are prepared for their next level of education. Secondary education includes the age group from 15 to 18 years of age and at this stage, the candidate is awarded with the secondary school certificate.

Types of schools in the Emirates

There are many public and private universities in Dubai that offer higher education to students in Dubai. These universities offer degrees in all academic disciplines. Public universities are funded by the Dubai government, while private universities are sponsored by NGOs, private companies or individuals. These universities offer internationally recognized postgraduate and post-graduate degrees. Private universities and colleges in Dubai are relatively more numerous than public or state universities and colleges. Most state universities offer admission to Emirati and there are few foreigners who are accepted by public universities in Dubai. Only ZAYED University gives admission to Emiratis as well as foreign students resemble. Private schools offer an international curriculum and their medium of instruction is English. They offer American, British, Pakistani or Russian curriculum. It is compulsory for all Muslim and Arab students to take Islamic studies and all other students who have not mastered Arabic must take Arabic language courses.

Primary and secondary education, both levels of education are free of charge for Emirati nationals and the tare is compulsory for all boys and girls. English is taught as a second language level.

Details of the Dubai curriculum

Given the high number of foreign workers in Dubai, the country offers several international schools for expatriates. Foreigners will be able to enrol their children in schools allowing them to follow a curriculum specific to the school system of their country of origin. Please be aware that Dubai’s public schools are not suitable for the children of expatriates. Their school system is adapted to the needs of the local population. The entire curriculum in state schools is taught in Arabic.

Rest assured, the standard of private schools is high. Children will be able to obtain a qualification in line with the Western education system. The structure of the school system depends on the educational institution. American, Indian, British and Lebanese students benefit from an education system divided into 2 phases: primary education from 4 to 11 years old and secondary education from 11 to 18 years old. The timetable of Dubai schools is usually between 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. from Saturday to Wednesday.

Various school offers in Dubai

In Dubai, the school offers are varied. The Emirati education systems available are French, GCSE/IGCSE, AP, A-level, SAT, CBSE… Expatriates who decide to work in Dubai should enroll their children as soon as possible. Some waiting lists in reputable schools often reach 2 years. It is recommended to enroll the student in several schools to increase the chances of finding a place. For practical reasons, residents of certain neighbourhoods are given preference when registering. For example, schools located in Emirates Living give preference to children who live in the same neighborhood.

Before validating the child’s enrolment, the schools give each new pupil a test, the assessment. This test is used to assess the pupil’s academic level and to determine whether the pupil needs specific assistance. Non-English-speaking students can join schools that practice the International Baccalaureate (IB) education system. French-speaking children can follow the French system.

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