Tips for safe travel and fun times in the UAE

Do you really want to live unforgettable holidays alone or with your family? If so, why not choose the United Arab Emirates as your travel destination. Before you leave, pay close attention to the information presented in this article. It will ensure that you can travel to the UAE with complete peace of mind.

Why is a trip to the UAE so exciting?

Do you really love excess or luxury or shopping? Then a trip to a country on the Arabian Peninsula is bound to satisfy you! You should know that this is indeed one of the countless most popular destinations in the world in recent years. If you're so interested, just read the rest of this article carefully.

The right time to stay in the United Arab Emirates

Travel to the United Arab Emirates is feasible all year round. However, it is best to choose between the months of January and the end of May/October and the end of December if you intend to, for example, discover the emirates of "Ras el Khaimah" as this is indeed the most favourable period to get the maximum benefit from visiting these emirates. On the other hand, the months between November and the end of April are recommended if you are planning to visit the emirates of "Dubai". Whatever your choices, remember that youth hostels in the UAE are very popular, especially during the peak tourist season. So book your room two or three months in advance if you plan to travel to the UAE throughout the holiday period and want to make the most of your stay.

Take some safety precautions

Generally speaking, those who are banking on an exceptional stay in the United Arab Emirates have absolutely nothing to fear in terms of security. And for good reason, the security situation in these countries is still acceptable. Nevertheless, you must be careful, because it is not recommended to go for a solo walk in the evening or even at night, especially if you are a woman. Bring a copy of your passport to avoid difficulties with the authorities. If you are obliged to withdraw money, give priority to distributors guaranteed by the financial institution itself. If possible, avoid isolated passages and keep your valuables and jewellery at the hostel when you are out and about in the city. Speaking of tourist accommodation, consider keeping an identified establishment, as budget hotels are generally susceptible to theft or attack. Likewise, selecting the right agency for you to travel to the Emirates should not be taken lightly. If you want to take pictures of people, first consult the permission to the individual you are going to take pictures of before taking the pictures. This instruction still applies even if your copy is a child.

Participate in low-cost activities during your stay in Dubai

During a stay in Dubai, tourists have a choice of activities: Aquaventure, Wild Wadi, Lost Chambers, Dubai Aquarium, Sega Republic, golf, diving, bowling... The activities available in this Emirati country can be declined by theme. Holidaymakers can participate in special activities for kids or fine dining... Search for activities in Dubai by browsing a guide or by installing a specialized application on your mobile phone. To travel at an affordable price, it is recommended to take advantage of the attractive promotions. This good plan is more interesting if you travel with your family. Promotional offers allow holidaymakers travelling in groups to take advantage of attractive discounts on certain local activities. During your stay in Dubai, it is essential to discover the largest building in the world. Book your visit to the Burj Khalifa online. By choosing to book your ticket for a day or an hour's visit online, you pay less than if you bought your ticket on the spot.

Tips for sleeping and getting around cheaply in Dubai

There are several tips to travel to Dubai without breaking the bank. To solve the accommodation problem, tourists who wish to visit this Emirati country at affordable prices will have to look for hotels located in the Bur Dubai district. Avoid hotels near the Marina. This is the district of wealthy expatriates. Rates for hotels near the upmarket areas are high. Bur Dubai is close to the airport. Shopping in this location served by public transportation is more affordable. By choosing this area, the tourist will have access to several economical restaurants. Compared to the luxury districts, the inhabitants are more welcoming. Another advantage is that many points of interest are within walking distance. To further reduce the holiday budget, try couchsurfing. The main advantage is that it is free. You can stay with someone who knows the city perfectly without paying. In exchange, you can, for example, cook a good dinner or offer your generous host a small gift as a souvenir for his or her hospitality. To get around Dubai, it is best to use public transport: metro, bus and abras. The latter is a traditional wooden boat.
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