The Emirates in abbreviation UAE or Emirate is a federal state that was created in 1971. This federal state is located in the Middle East in the middle of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It is therefore composed of seven emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Dubai, Ras el Khaimah, Ajman and Ummal Qaiwain. The federal capital is Abu Dhabi. The Emirates are among the largest exporters and producers of oil. In recent years, the Emirate of Dubai has turned towards other economic activities such as trend-setting technologies, free ports and above all prestige or luxury tourism. Dubai has become the economic capital of the federal state.

The territory of Abu Dhabi

The subdivision of the Emirates is seven Emirates. These Emirates are made up of numerous enclaves whose boundaries have been removed and whose authority is often unclear. The largest Emirate is Abu Dhabi, which accounts for 87 per cent of the total area of 67,300 km - of the Emirates. Abu Dhabi, as the capital, is the centre of the federal government. It has two major land boundaries with Oman and Saudi Arabia. It is one of the countries that make up the Emirates. In the desert in Abu Dhabi there are two very important oases that contain underground water reserves. The Liwa oasis is located in the south next to the border on the Saudi Arabian side. While the oasis of Al Buravmi stretches along the coasts of Oman and Abu Dhabi.

The Emirate of Dubai and Sharjah

The Emirate of Dubai accounts for 5% of the country's total size, hence the 3,885 km - of the total surface area. It stretches 72 km along the entire length of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is the economic capital and is becoming the most developed of the seven United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a city with a large commercial hub. Half of the population is concentrated in the city of Dubai. While the Emirate of Sharjah lies on the borders and stretches 16 km and 80 km inland. It is a city of the Emirates. It is located in the Arabian Gulf. It is as conservative as Dubai. Sharjah is considered the cultural center and is becoming the cultural capital of the country.

The Northern Emirates

The Northern Emirates consist of Fujairah, Ras el Khaimah, Ajman and Umm al Qaiwain. Ajman occupies an area of 259 km². The other three Emirates - Fujairah, Umm al Qaiwain and Ras el Khaimah - occupy an area of 3,881 km and are 5 per cent the size of the Emirates. As far as the Northern Emirates are concerned, these cities are almost regarded as part of their traditions.

Ajman and Umm al Quwain

Located between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, the United Arab Emirates shares borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. This federal state in the Middle East has 7 emirates. Its federal capital is Abu Dhabi. It is considered one of the largest oil exporters. Ajman is one of the 5 northern emirates. It is the smallest of the emirates, close to the city of Dubai. The city has a population of about 380,000. Its surface area of 460 km² represents 0.5% of the surface area of the United Arab Emirates. Its small size reduces the tourist interest of this destination. However, the city has a picturesque souk. Ajman represents a major advantage for tourists, as it is close to Dubai. After Ajman, the second smallest emirate in the north is Umm al Quwain. It has a surface area of 777 km² and a population of almost 60,000. Those who decide to discover this destination find that it represents little tourist activity given its small size. However, Umm al Qwain has a water amusement park that is less impressive than Aquaventure and Wild Qadi in Dubai, and is more affordable.

Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Sharjah

Ras Al Khaimah is an emirate with an area of 1683 km². It has a population of nearly 200,000. Compared to other cities in the region, Ras Al Khaimah is poorer. Its small size limits the things to see. However, it is an interesting stopover on the way to Musandam, the nearby town. The peculiarity of Fujairah is that it is the only emirate that has a main city overlooking the Gulf of Oman, i.e. towards the Pacific Ocean. The other Northern Emirates overlook the Persian Gulf. The emirate has an area of 1160 km². It counts approximately 120 000 inhabitants. With its mountainous landscape, tourists can program hikes or 4x4 rides to enjoy the varied panoramas of the Pacific coast. Scuba diving enthusiasts can go to Dibba. This city located in the north has several diving spots. The place allows you to participate in scuba diving or PMT sessions. Discover the coasts of Sharjah as well as the magnificent mosques of the city. Tourists can also learn about the history and culture of the UAE by visiting the museum. As a precaution, Sharjah is the most conservative emirate in Islamic culture. It is advisable to pay attention to its conduct, including the way it dresses and behaves in public. During your stay, avoid staring at women.