Dubai: the city of luxury

Being a city of unprecedented luxury, Dubai ranks first in the United Arab Emirates. With the few renowned cities that make it up, it is proving to be luxurious and is becoming one of the special points for tourism. Here are some more details.

The geographical location of Dubai

Located in the Middle East, between Asia and Africa, Dubai is in the vicinity of Saudi Arabia. It is an emirate bordering the Persian Gulf and running parallel to Iran, being located on the other side of the sea. On the desert side, it is the Sultanate of Oman to the east, the emirate of Abu Dhabi to the south, the emirate of Sharjah to the north, which surrounds it and cradles it like a bird's nest. The seemingly luxurious and extensive shopping makes it famous. Being among the 7 emirates constituting the United Arab Emirates, its surface area is 3885km². The tribe of the Bani Yas the people and settles near the mouth of the Persian Gulf in the south. For this, reference is made to the Arabian Gulf in Dubai. The Dubaiotes or Dubaians are the inhabitants of this emirate.

History of Dubai around 1833

The history of Dubai develops from a few fundamental points. In Dubai, Arabic is spoken as the official language. In addition, English is also used as a language of communication for others. Nevertheless, many expatriates communicate with each other in Malayalam, Hindi, Persian, Bengali, Tagalog, Chinese, Tamil, as well as in several other languages. Any French person with a French passport is allowed to stay in France. Once he arrives at the airport, he only has to pay for a visa. The state sends him a permit to stay and move freely on the territory of the emirates. If he wants to exchange his Euros for Emirati Dirhams, there are three places where he can do so: exchange offices, at the airport, in hotels, and in shopping malls. Finally, an emirate, or principality in French, is a territory under the aegis of an emir.

Dubai: a luxury city

Dubai is home to some of the most famous and luxurious places in the world. The first of these is the 160-storey skyscraper with its impressive panoramic view. This skyscraper reaches 828 meters and is crowned with the highest structure ever to be seen on earth to date. Apart from that, Dubai is teeming with hotels. You can discover, for example, shaped buildings that manage to lull your eyes with their structure unmatched in other countries elsewhere. One of them is located on an island and takes the form of a sailboat decorating this blue paradise. This hotel is not at all far from the water park. In addition to this, the world's largest shopping centre, according to its developer Emaar Properties, has recently moved to Dubai. Its surface area of around 800,000 m² has the potential to accommodate 1,200 shops.

Dubai, a city of oversized buildings

Dubai's popularity is not due to its size or population. It is best known for its ambition. This destination is considered to be the luxury city par excellence. In 1833, this emirate developed its trade through the exploitation of pearls. In the middle of the 20th century, the city developed by exploiting oil. In the 1980s, this fuel accounted for 45% of Dubai's GDP. In order to make up for the depletion of oil, the city is carrying out an economic reconversion. This open-air construction site is now used to carry out considerable real estate projects, technological and commercial developments. For example, this city in the United Arab Emirates has the Burj al-Arab, the most luxurious and highest hotel in the world. This first 7-star hotel is recognizable by its unique architecture resembling a sailboat's sail. The emirate also specializes in the construction of artificial islands. The best known infrastructure is The Palm. This ambitious project has created more than 1000 km² of coastline. The construction is home to shops, marinas, luxurious residences, tourist attractions... The World is also one of the city's ambitious projects. It consists of 300 artificial islands that are supposed to represent all the continents. With all these infrastructures, the city brings together all the attractions of luxury tourism.

Taking advantage of Dubai's many exceptional activities

Dubai is known for its unique architecture and huge shopping malls. The city of excess is ideal for luxury shopping. Certainly, the emirate dazzles with its incredible architecture. However, this is not the only remarkable element. It also impresses with its shopping malls. If you visit the Dubai Mall, there are 1,200 themed shops to be discovered in the world's largest shopping centre. This temple of consumption also has several restaurants where you can enjoy local and international cuisine. Luxury lovers can also take a stroll in the exclusive Marina district. There are about 200 buildings in this part of the city. Some of them are among the most beautiful buildings in the world. In addition to discovering Dubai's many activities, you can also take advantage of your stay to meet the locals, the Dubaians. Among the surprising tourist spots are 32,000 km² of winter resorts. Located in the heart of the city centre, within the Mall of the Emirates, you can ski, bobsleigh, toboggan or enjoy a year-round snowpark.
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